Riedel Restaurant Vinum Spirits Glass (Box of 12)

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Riedel Tasting Glass
Box of 12 glasses (17cl)
Perfect for Spirits

8 in stock

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For the serious whisky / spirits enthusiast!
A box of 12 glasses allows yourself and possibly a friend a full session.

This one gets the Navigate stamp of approval!  There are many spirits glasses available on the market and a fair number of them do a great job when it comes to tasting spirits.  This glass well and truly takes the average tasting glass to the next level, from its weight to its raised height (not too high), a much required stem, the ample cheeks to catch aromas and finally the run off of liquid from glass to lips, this glass is utter decadence.  From whisky to rum to cognac and other premium spirits when filled with something special, it is quite the experience!

Also used at the Golden Promise Whisky Bar in Paris and by the Navigate World Whisky team.

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