Penny Blue 2009/2011, RCS, The Navigator 2021

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Mauritian Traditional Rum
Rare Cask Series / 59% / 750ml
Cask #707 (Cognac) + #227 (Sherry)
Limited edition of 213 bottles NWW Exclusive

22 in stock

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Many a cask was tasted to find the two Penny Blue expressions that NWW is bottling. Originally two single casks were selected, but eventually we realised that the cognac cask we had chosen had just 58.26 litres left of the original 250 litres in the barrel – these were really thirsty angels. Plus, because of this rapid evaporation, its ABV was sitting at over 73.6%. The other cask we had selected was a sherry cask with a lot more: about 150 litres. Later it was discovered that a 50/50 combination of these two casks led to the best of both worlds, and the Rare Casks series was born.

Colour: Golden, dark sherry.

Profile: A match made in heaven, the best of both casks shines through.

Nose: These casks were meant to be united. The marriage of these rare casks brings an exceptional balance. An explosion of scent with nearly all the flavours of the typical Penny Blue rum flavour spectrum represented. Predominantly fruity, the prune and the cherry notes from the sherry cask highly express their presence. The freshness, wood spice and cigar flavours of the cognac cask come to the forefront and give the nose that extra depth and complexity. A faint floral note, tobacco smoke, citrus, fresh mint, muscovado, toffee and vanilla with a touch of eucalyptus.

Palate: The balance of sweetness, fruitiness, spices and wood is just perfect. The first full-bodied attack on the tongue is homogenously spread all around the mouth.

Finish: The flavours persist, even after a few seconds, a great cigar taste appears at the back of the throat, which slowly invades the mouth and nose. It’s an explosion of ripe fruit, sweets and patisserie at every visit.



Penny Blue

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