Panama 2011, Transcontinental Rum Line

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Traditional Panamanian Rum
7 years Tropical conditions / 1 year Europe
43% / 750ml

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22 in stock

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The Transcontinental Rum Line reflects the great diversity that can be found around the world of rum production. Inspired by the voyage of rum between the country of distillation and aging conditions, the founding principle of the range is transparency. No sugar or colouring added and a clear indication of aging conditions.

Distilled in column stills from fermented molasses, this Panamanian rum is a classic within the TCRL line. It has matured close to the Panama Canal in American oak barrels during 7 years in tropical conditions, with an additional 1 year in Europe. Bottled at 43% ABV, this rum will conquer you with its delicacy.

Tasting Notes

Profile: Crispy and gentle.

Nose: Round and charming. Liquorice and dried fruits.

Palate: Unctuous and flavorful. Coconut milk, clove, salted butter.

Finish: Elegant and simple. Vanilla, exotic wood.


Transcontinental Rum Line

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